Moving Parts


Utah began as an exercise in placing two solos in one 9ft wide space and became an investigation into relationship and the self, through movement, space, and performance.  The two bodies travel on individual trajectories generally impervious to one another and yet, entirely co-dependent.  The dance exists in the space between the bodies, in the landscape created, and is illuminated by the tension developed in the seeming lack of interaction.  They rarely touch, and because they continue to follow their own movement pathways, they are tethered to their respective spatial relationship raising questions of agency and intention.  Over the course of the repeating cycles, we regard the movers as bodies moving in space, as humans, and as representations of the interior workings of a relationship.

Choreography Meg Foley
Performance Devynn Emory and Makoto Hirano
Sound Design Geoffrey Sparks
Costume Meg Foley
Run time 15-25 minutes (depending on the number of cycles performed)
Premiere Community Education Center, Philadelphia, PA 2006

Performance excerpt of Utah (Scripps College, Claremont, CA; run time: 5:25 minutes)…..