Moving Parts

Orienteering=you getting lost in the woods. or walking into a fence.

This piece is a big, unwieldy work in progress.

The title is a pretty apt description.  Sometimes in performance it is as if you are sitting across the table from yourself, watching  yourself go off on this crazy, invested tangent that you can either buy into or question or comment upon.  Sound self-involved?  It is.

More watching/letting movements go to the end of themselves and develop beyond.  More concern with how performance is inherently othering.  I’m trying to share something with you, but isn’t sharing based on mutual understanding and right now I’m just asking you to stare at me, going through my motions?

Orienteering was created in response to Natural.  Where Natural examines how performance is a form of adornment, Orienteering aims for an “essential vulnerability”.

Choreography and Performance Meg Foley and friends
Music Grizzly Bear
performed May 2010 at the Susan Hess Choreographer’s Project

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