Moving Parts

cookie continued….

I want to construct an encapsulated environment, an alternate space that holds infinite complexity within finite boundaries.  That image acts for me as an analogy to the experience of having a body and of being alive, which is a slippery position in and of itself because we are not finite.  I want to create a dissociative environment, based in human interactions, where many things are suggested but nothing is resolved.

Within this environment, I want to look at all materials present and bring everything to the surface.  The environment is what rests beneath and highlights what’s present but unseen.  Included in that is of course movement, aspects of visual design, but most importantly people and relationship.  And when I ask the question of what rests beneath with respect to the individuals involved, there is not just the physical interior, emotional interior, and experiential feeling but also all of the consciousness and story that they bring with them through the door to rehearsal.  I’m interested in the mess underneath, inside, and around.

I want to create analogies to life in performance.  I literally mark the space with objects or literally draw lines between bodies with string because I believe that is what actually happens in life; I want to make it visible, tangible.  We leave energetic, historical markings in places we’ve been and leave influence and create emotional and historical connections when we are in relation to other people.  There is an itch just beneath the surface.  cookie trys to hug that itch, hold it up, give it a name – and celebrate that that task is impossible.

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