Moving Parts


cookie marked a point when my creative process began to totally change, opening out and shifting away from what it once was.

If you look at all the minutiae around you it can look inconsequential, monotonous and beige, but if you look at the same thing and just shift your focus, colors lift off of it, the incremental diversity and shifts reveal themselves to a vibrant, candy-colored experience.  cookie pulls from the mess underneath to reveal the prism of experience, the tiny shifts that make life what it is but that are without nameable consequence.  More…

Choreography Meg Foley in collaboration with the performers
Performance Megan Bridge, Alison D’Amato, Gabrielle Revlock, Michele Tantoco, Sara Yassky, and Christina Zani
Set and Costume design Meg Foley
Run time 25-30 minutes
Premiere Susan Hess Choreographer’s Project, 2009

Performance excerpt of cookie (Susan Hess Choreographer’s Project Showcase, Philadelphia, PA; run time: 5:41minutes)…….

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