Moving Parts

Lay of the Land.

What is the feeling of “seeing” a shape on your own body from the inside?  And a series of shapes over time – that’s choreography? The action is primary.  The emotion is derivative.  The attention is the action, the emotion is the attention, this is how I look at you. Clear, expressive confusion, measured and mapped awkward strut by awkward strut.  Lay of the Land TEDx show

created and performed by Meg Foley
sound and video design Carmichael Jones
run time 15 minutes

I don’t want to be alone up here.

Lay of the Land puts my solo practice – encompassing prompts like “action is primary” and “authentic melodrama” – into performance. How do I create time-based form when I can’t see beyond the moment I’m in? Lay of the Land

Lay of the Land is responsive. It is an approach to performance, movement generation, and attention. Lay of the Land is a shifting beast, still growing, changing, and challenging my assumptions. It’s a finished performance that is constantly changing shape. It began in 2012 as Auxiliary Studies: with and without you, and I set out to perform it as much as possible.

In 2012 it was performed at:
FALLS BRIDGE Festival – Mascher Space Cooperative, Philadelphia
Juxtapose – Studio34, Philadelphia
i.v. Two for One – Liz Lerman Dance Exchange, Washington, D.C.
Society for Dance History Scholars – The Arts Bank, Philadelphia
Make it, Break it, Rebuild it – Philly Fringe, Philadelphia
TEDx Phoenixville – Phoenixville, PA

watch a video of the TEDx performance here.
see photos of Lay of the Land here.