Moving Parts

The whole time in the meanwhile.

A twilight hour performance installation that uses the changing mood of sunset to create a shifting and immersive environment of movement, light, and sound.

The whole time in the meanwhile.Conceived by choreographer Meg Foley in collaboration with lighting designer Lenore Doxsee and composer Chris Forsyth, “The whole time in the meanwhile.” resides in a place between visible and invisible, near and far. In an expansive room continually re-imagined through color saturation and discretely spatial music, the dance reframes the distance between audience, performer and architecture. The performance is not happening to you but with you, the installation a container for an experience that magnifies how we feel, hear and see time passing.

watch the video here.
see photos of the piece here.

The whole time in the meanwhile.

conceived and directed by Meg Foley
created in collaboration by Lenore Doxsee, Meg Foley, and Chris Forsyth
choreography Meg Foley
lights Lenore Doxsee
music Chris Forsyth
performance Lenore Doxsee, Meg Foley, Chris Forsyth, Christina Gesualdi, Magda San Millan, and Annie Wilson
premiere January 2013, presented by Thirdbird at Christ Church Neighborhood House Theater
Run time 60 minutes