Moving Parts


I’m in the midst of a solo project…. for a while I’m pretty sure that I was avoiding something (read: myself) in my creative practice. Natural is a re-focused response to that; I’m trying to get to the heart of the matter and spend some time examining performative and movement-based rigor in the context of Meg-ness. I’m performing, flexing my inner peacock, and trying to watch what happens.

What began essentially as a dare – Natural sprouted from an assignment given to me by Jumatatu Poe in the 2008 48 Hour Dance Project – spurred the most in depth solo endeavor I’ve ever embarked upon. Below is a video of the first iteration of Natural, performed at the 2009 Rocky Dance Awards in Philadelphia, PA. It is now a larger improvisational score that pretty consistently makes me incredibly uncomfortable, angry, cocky, bold, sorrowful, and confused – all in the span of a couple minutes.

check it out…

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